Sydney & Jonathan | surprise proposal in Rocky River

Two of my best friends got engaged! To each other! YAY!! I’ve been friends with Jonathan for years and as soon as Sydney moved to our area, we became fast friends. When they finally got together all of our friends knew this was the real deal. I remember chatting with another friend and agreeing that they were “totally gonna get married”, and here we are! When you know, you know! Jonny picked the date he was going to propose a few months in advance so I had to lie to Sydney pretty much everyday. On the day of the proposal, we were at the gym and she told me she wasn’t even going to bother doing her nails because she knew he wouldn’t propose that night (it was their one year anniversary and she thought it would be too obvious for him to do it then). So she met us where we were all supposed to have dinner to celebrate and I told her we should take a picture outside by the twinkle lights (which she loves and lets be real shes used to me sticking my camera in her face so NBD haha). Jonny pulled out the prettiest custom made ring and popped the question, it was adorable and I didn’t cry behind my camera, whew!! They were so cute and excited. After a bit we went back into the restaurant and celebrated with champagne. Jonny had another surprise and told her we wouldn’t be eating dinner there because there were some people waiting to see them at another restaurant. All of their closest friends and family made it to celebrate the newly engaged couple. It was so special and I was so honored to be a part of it. Love you guys.

when you’re so relieved thats over, you gotta just lay for a second

February 28, 2018