The artistic pursuit of Marina Claire Photography is to preserve the subtlest expressions of beauty found in life's celebrations. With an ever vigilant eye for detail, Marina believes that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places. “Sometimes beauty exists waiting to be found, at others, it's carefully crafted. I’ve never experienced either without wishing they could be remembered and shared.” said Marina. Of all the pinnacle moments of the human experience, Marina has chosen weddings as her passion and photography as the medium she embraces to document them.

beauty in eveRything

“I am going to make everything around me beautiful -- that will be my life.”
- Elsie De Wolf


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 “Marina did photos for our engagement session & wedding, and let me just say wow. She is so talented - her work is timeless and just objectively beautiful. Every single photo is incredible. On top of her talent, she was so great to work with - it honestly felt like a friend that we’ve known for years was taking our photos. I truly can’t recommend using Marina enough, you won’t regret it.”  - Chelsea & DJ

    Forever attracted to the lifestyle of artists, Marina’s passion for artistry and fashion began at a young age as she followed her mother to painting classes and combed through editorial magazines together on the couch. “Martha Stewart Weddings was always my favorite,” said Marina. “Weddings always remind me of the fondness I felt as I sat next to my mom and dreamed about capturing the same type of beauty for myself one day .”  

       On wedding days, Marina is always on the hunt for the most magical moments to freeze in time. As someone who cares deeply about the experience she provides to her clients, she finds the most joy in making everyone around her comfortable and fostering an environment filled with laughter and warmth. Her clients not only appreciate her talent for stunning and unique imagery, they are always commenting on her kind and professional demeanor. 

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