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maRina claire

Inspired by the gentle nuances that make up the most cherished memories in our lives, Marina believes that weddings are so much more than just a grand party. Marina’s desire is to honor the sentiment that her clients are pursuing by the way she crafts her experience. 

Different from the rest, Marina prefers natural and candid moments to the stiff and routine poses so commonly found among wedding galleries. When the day is over, her clients reflect fondly on how Marina’s care and gentle guidance made room for genuine conversation and tangible memories in each part of the day. 

“Every day I discover more and more beautiful things. It’s enough to drive one mad. I have such a desire to do everything, my head is bursting with it.”

- Claude Monet

"I have never looked more beautiful than in the pictures she has taken of me and she truly captured the wedding of my dreams”

- Claire M.