Jaden & Trace wed in the woods

Jaden & Trace originally planned to get married in California at her grandparents vineyard but had to totally replan because of COVID-19. They stuck to their original date, found a beautiful spot not far from home in the woods for their ceremony and still got married surrounded by their closest family and friends. Others were able to tie in online and watch along. One of their groomsmen even officated! Jaden even made her own bouquet and decorated the super cool minimalist arch Trace made. I just loved how fresh and simple all their details were. After the ceremony we explored some beautiful woods and waterfalls for photos. It was really lovely to have such a relaxed time for photos. No one else was around but us and there was no big reception to worry about getting to. While this obviously wasn’t in their original plan, as the photographer, I loved all the time we had for photos. Here are my favorites from this special day.

I was so excited to have these photos featured by B.E. Publishing. You can read their article here.

February 1, 2021