a visit to Castle Combe in The Cotswolds

The morning after I shot a wedding in Tarporley, we made our way back south to The Cotswold’s. The drive was about three hours, but most of it was really pretty. Big props to my mom for not killing us while driving on the other side of the road. We had some harrowing moments but made it out in one piece haha. We passed through a city that still had Roman walls surrounding it, saw sheep a plenty and even some pheasants too!

Getting there is fairly easy, its only about 30 minutes from Bath. We parked in a public lot at the top of a hill, North of the town, and walked a little ways into town. I thought I had been to storybook, picture perfect little towns before this but Castle Combe takes the (current) cake. Apparently its been voted the prettiest village in England. We spent our time strolling along the Bybrook river, walking around graveyards, chatting with nice locals and eating a lot (of course). We probably spent a few hours here, it’s not a big town and that’s probably all you need. We ate lunch at the White Hart, a cozy 14th century pub. My only regret is not stopping in the Manor House Hotel, but Bath was calling our names. Hindsight is 20/20 right? 

center of town where markets used to be held

market cross (Wikipedia: A market cross is a structure used to mark a market square in market towns,

where historically the right to hold a regular market or fair was granted by the monarch, a bishop or a baron)

The White Hart

run on trust bakery

Have you been to The Cotwold’s? What was you favorite village you visited?


May 3, 2018